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Friday, November 16, 2007

olivia: budding photographer

I let Olivia take some pictures today, something I don't do often, mind you. But it does afford me several minutes of peace. And it looks like Sean-Peter enjoyed being her subject.Here I am trying to pry apart his cold, dead hands to see what mischief he has inside.
Turned out to be some screws he found lying around, waiting to be put back into the stereo that inexplicably hasn't worked since we got here. Maybe he thought he could fix it.


Here she got a view of our rec room.

Emphasis on the rec.
And my personal favorite, the self-portrait.
She took several of these, her face completely washed out in most of them. I doctored it up as best as I could, but I don't exactly have mad skills in the photo shop arena.

That sweater I'm wearing? The orange one up above? Yes, that is one of my thrift shop finds. You know you're jealous.


the dragonfly said...

Very fun. My 2-1/2 year old neighbor has been taking pictures with my camera. Most of them are hands, feet, or floor, or people without heads, but she has taken some very good ones. :)

A Military Spouse said...

Hope you had good luck at your thrift shop, too. These things are so luck of the draw, from base to base, by nature of being run by volunteers I suppose.

I guess no one else had a guess??! Because now I'm, like, all depressed because Karen guessed lower than what I paid. That always happens and I should know better than to ask when I'm so excited about my "deal"!

Cherilyn said...

Is Olivia available for Senior Pictures? We have three coming up in a couple years and we have heard how expensive they are. Would she cut us a deal?

Anonymous said...

Wow, she's not bad!! And you gotta love the self-portrait!! So Cute!!

Jerilyn said...

Olivia,what a good job you do with pictures! How do you get Sean-Peter to be so good?