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Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow and a Show and Some Sugar

Brrrrr! Anyone else with me? We got our first snowfall here...Have I ever mentioned that it's still dark when Olivia gets on the bus? And hers isn't even the first one that comes through the neighborhood...

Speaking of Olivia, she's got her first "acting gig" under her belt (heh-heh), a little Christmas show production her dance instructor put on in her studio with a couple-handfuls of her students. Olivia has begged to take an "acting class" ever since I put her in Storybook Dramas at the local town hall theater... over a year ago.

Go ahead, take a look. It's barely a hiccup.

And seriously, how. cute. are they.

And yes, Olivia loved every minute of it. I daresay she enjoyed performing even more than what she enjoyed after the show.She looks nice and calm here, but don't be fooled: she rode the sugar loop all the way home.


G'ma said...

Olivia is a natural talent and so beautiful! I hope she will always stay as sweet.

We had snow flurries here, last Friday. Rachel said she had to come all the way to Texas to see snow.

Tam said...


SNOW...HMMM NOPE NADA a drop...I am 2 hours from the Florida State Line....LOL

Jerilyn said...

Olivia, you did so well! Just like you practiced.

Snow! Did we have snow! School closed two days.