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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I gotta hurry and post this before my husband gets fed up and starts watching our show without me.

My parents are here for Thanksgiving, and I thought I'd give you all a glimpse into what an exciting time we're having!

This is the scene that usually greets you when walking into a room. Though usually mom and dad are reading solo and Olivia and Peter are wreaking some kind of havoc.

The funniest thing that prompted this photo was that not only was Olivia reading, too, but Sean-Peter was just hanging out, all docile and, well, quiet-like. Like sitting there pleasantly in the parlor was the most normal thing in the world.

Oh, wait. Here we go; now he's all ready for bed.

Aw, isn't that more like it? This was taken moments after the parlor photo. I guess he caught his 26th 2nd wind. And I guess I should finish unpacking from my trip to Chicago...

Oh, yea! I went to Chicago! For a whole two days! I stayed with my friend Amy and we quickly digressed to our junior high high school years, talking and giggling like a couple of teenagers. Teenagers with wrinkles. Not that that matters.

At the risk of repeating what you may have already read in my other blog, we had a great time. Our high school friend Nathan also joined us. Sweet, tall Nathan. Back in the day, Nathan and I were partners in our high school's mixed ensemble. As in singing group. When I was talking with him at our 20-year high school reunion this past summer, I looked up (and up and up) at him and said, "Um, you weren't this tall in high school."

He readily agreed. Apparently, he grew like another six inches after we graduated. Who knew? He also went on to study music and voice and he does all kinds of neat things like perform operas and compose music for poems written by inner-city school kids. Yea. Quite cool.

And he wasn't at all phased by our acting like we were a bunch of school kids again. Take this photo op, for instance -- originally Amy's idea, but I was the one who insisted we make the extra trip to actually get it done.
Go ahead, click on it, and think about it. Please, for me? I'll wait.

Funny, huh?

And Amy? She does stuff like this.Not that I hold it against her. But I did do a excruciatingly long very short yoga session with her and I ended up being sore for a week. You know how some people just get better and better with age? Amy's one of those people. Of course, she works at it...

We are planning on enjoying a nice, quiet Thanksgiving at home tomorrow, just the seven of us. We're having turkey and ham. My baby likes his pig. It's not a whole turkey, though: just a breast. And they're both cooking as we speak, all stealth-like in the crockpots. Is that not cool or what?

In addition to turkey and ham, the menu includes...
  • Sweet potato casserole
  • Green bean casserole
  • Stuffing
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Seven-layer salad
  • Rolls
  • Pumpkin pie
How's your menu look?

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Em said...

Ham, turkey, ham AND turkey gravy, homemade rolls, taters, corn casserole,cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, baked beans, spinach salad and some assorted
condiments. Yum ; )

The Farmer Files said...

Aw your parents seem so low key. I wonder what that is like? LOL.

Tam said...

LOVE the BOOTS....that is a blackmail picture for later in life!