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Friday, October 23, 2009

In Which I Post a Bunch of Photos and Videos and Update You With Our Wild and Crazy Antics.

Talk about a major chill day today. Olivia was home sick -- again -- with symptoms that are decidedly cold-like, and I've decided to try to keep them that way.

These are times I am sooo glad I am a stay-at-home mom.

It also rained all night, and most of the day. Talk about an incentive to do nothing but lay lie around on the couch...

(Especially when you have a reading buddy.)

I passed out on the couch for awhile myself. I'm not sick, but apparently I'm not well, either. I basically went to bed with the kids last night, slept all night, fell asleep on the couch about mid-morning, then again after lunch...

I have no idea what my problem is. What if I didn't have the "leisure" to just fall asleep like that? (Never mind about the kids... Hey, the house didn't burn down, okay?) I can only imagine that perhaps all that sleep helps my body keep the germs at bay. John emailed from work himself saying he wasn't feeling too well...

Imagine what this world would be like if everyone just got enough sleep.

I missed a party yesterday at Sean-Peter's preschool. A "Mexico Party" -- something to do with butterflies? No matter: I thought since I didn't send Olivia to school it probably wouldn't be prudent for us to show up at a festival. But look at this photo my friend Erin took while she was there.

Isn't it the best? Down below is more typical of photos that we've gotten lately...
Sitting at Conner's soccer games has been a familiar pastime as of late. The tournament is scheduled to finish up this weekend, wet fields permitting. I think it's none too soon for his little brother... Not to mention the weather. I think the damp chill at his last game was what did it for Olivia's cold and level of coughing. Ohio's weather is typical Midwest-fare: sweaters one day, shorts the next -- raincoats in between.(This was a shorts' day. With a mix of long-sleeves.)

We also went to a pumpkin patch recently...

Yet another event with Peter's preschool, where he apparently has a girlfriend.
Just kidding! (I hope.)

But it was the most absolutely gorgeous beautiful fall day in Ohio... Maybe Love Was in the Air?Reading...
Sean-Peter's IEP meeting with his teachers, etc., was today... Again, I missed it, because Olivia was home sick. But John was able to go, so it's all good. We haven't yet talked about what they discussed, but I can't imagine any surprises. Overall, he's simply doing quite well, especially from an academic perspective. Get a load of him here reading...

Reading Preschooler:

Okay, so he's not exactly reading. But it's the first step, eh?

And it was all Olivia could do not to step in right away and show him how it's done. Of course, she got her turn...

Reading 1st Grader:

It is entirely apropos that they're reading a book about guinea pigs, seeing as how we have this little guy now. Meet our latest pet, "Nosy Pepperoni" (don't ask).Otherwise known as "Pepper", "Little Piggy" -- or better yet, "Bacon Bit".

I know, we're terrible. But The Huckster is rather taken by him.Internet-Schminternet
It has taken me all evening to sporadically write this post and download the photos and videos all while dealing with the erratic behavior of our internet connection, which has been sketchy at best. It's all tied to our phone line, which apparently has problems "in-house", so far as we have been able to nail it down.

We are slowly dealing with it and have thus far pinpointed the problem as occurring mainly when it rains, and thus when the box is wet. Here John thought it would be fun to take a picture of me calling the phone company with a phone hooked up to the box outside. Because it's all just so funny.

We have since taped a plastic bag around the box on the side of our house. Because we're classy like that. Apparently a hard rain such as the one we had last night still gets through.

Oh, and we're also having issues with our router, WHICH WE JUST GOT, and our modem, which don't seem to like each other very well. We've thought about putting them in time out, but that's all they seem to want to do anyway, so it doesn't seem much of a punishment.

John's getting right on that. Because he doesn't have anything better to do with his time. We're just all wild and crazy around here.


G'ma said...

Tell Olivia I hope she starts feeling better very soon. I'm so glad she likes reading so much.

Sean Peter will be really reading soon. The pictures of him are always so angelic. Glad he is progressing so well.

I think there is something untoward going on between your router and modem. I have an outdoor electric outlet that if it gets wet when it rains, trips the circuit breaker to the bathroom and garage.

Hope the whole family starts feeling well very soon.

Retriever said...

Hey, Jolyn,
I laughed and laughed sympathetically! Hope you all feel well soon. I think one of the reason kids are healthier with an at home mom is just what you describe: people can get the best medicines of all which are rest and love. When I was at home, my friends who had to work would dose their kids with cold medicine so that they wouldn't register as sick at school (suppress the temperature and cough even tho the kid felt like a dying coyote). After about four hours, it would wear off, the kid would be burning up and coughing again and the harried mom would get a call at work from the nurse...The kids tended to get sicker in the end, poor things.

Also, no shame in resting and OJ etc. preventively. A friend of mine's 18 year old just had swine flu and it nearly killed her (she is young, otherwise healthy, recovering now). Pneumonia and couldn't breathe.

I'm only awake now because I am coming down with some cold but had to drink coffee to stay awake at my union dinner, and am still wired. I'm sure all those who drank beer instead are now peacefully slumbering...

The problem with the internet may be with some incompatibility between your operating system and the router and modem? Then again, we have DSL thru the phone company and it gives problems with some network mixes (once we were a mix of both Apple and Windows machines, we were only able to get reliable connections with an overpriced Apple router. But that was a while ago...Then again, sometimes it will work with one but not the other...Depending on if one didn't pay off appropriate information/share code, etc.

What adorable pictures!

BLather, blather, but best wishes...did you get any news about d or not?

J-to-the-P said...

Regarding the internet, I'm tempted to trash the whole thing and start over. It could really be anything. Here's what we know: 1) Both computers are over 4-6 years old and not really doing so well; 2) The phone lines in the house are 35+ years old, and since we have DSL, the AT&T guy is surprised it works at all and recommends "re-wiring the whole house" - sweet!; 3) We have a Motorola DSL modem and a Linksys wireless router that seem to want to fight over the same IP address. Plus, I'm finding out 5 weeks later that most people have serious trouble getting Linksys routers to work, and it takes a network specialist to get them running. This is not what they need to be selling to the average person to take home and plug in. I have diddled with every setting on it, and it refuses to provide a reliable connection, and if you want wireless, you have to sit right next to it. Is it the phone line? Is it the computers? Is it the crappy, brand-new router? The answer is probably - yes!

So there ya go. No quick fixes, but definitely some spending ahead for us if we want to, you know, be able to call people and use the internet.

Carmen said...

Our phone line would do that whenever it rained also. It would get fixed and then start up again. I think this last time they changed out the box completely and it has been good ever since.

Loved the vidoes of the kids reading. They both read with such expression!