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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Punky Knobster

So I come across these cute knobs at the base thrift store and I immediately think of Sean-Peter. Like any typical four-year-old boy, he loves balls, and the current knobs on his old dresser had seen better days.

And do you know how expensive these things are at regular retail? I got about a dozen of these for $3.00, almost as much as you would pay for a single one at Tar-zhay.
I made a point of putting them on his dresser when Peter wasn't around, as they're just the kind of thing he likes to get his hands on: Observing how something is put together only serves to encourage him to take it apart. And really, he doesn't need any extra encouragement to take anything else apart around here.

Question: Why don't we buy crap stuff from Wal-Mart?
Answer: After five minutes alone with Peter, it turns to trash.

That same incentive does not seem to exist, however, when he observes the coming together of a meal: no amount of encouragement entices him to touch a piece of raw fruit or vegetable. He has no problem keeping his hands off of those.

But lo and behold, looky here. Doesn't there seem to be something amiss?
There were ten knobs there, last I looked. (Focus on the empty holes and not the dinged up paint, mkay?)

I put those darn knobs on as tight as I could get them without stripping the screws. I was so sure that Peter wouldn't be able to get them loose.

I was so, so wrong.

John found the vents pulled up in all of the bedrooms. He went investigating after hearing some odd clunkity-clunk noises echoing through the whole upstairs. The knobs, such enticing balls they were, were dropped into the nether regions of our ventilation shafts. We can't reach them.

Our central air has been off for several days with the mild temperatures we've been having. Anyone happen to know what dangers can come from foreign objects being thrown into the ventilation shafts? Where they end up? (What happens when you turn the fan back on?)

That little punk. Next time I'm going to come home with little plastic apples or peaches. It'll serve him right.


Anonymous said...

Ours survived myriad cheerios, vomit (don't ask), and legos. I think it'll be okay.

Christian Mommy Writer said...

I talked to my brother, who is a HVAC tech and he said that it should be fine. It would have been interesting to see how he got those knobs off! Kids can get into some crazy stuff can't they?

Cherilyn said...

Only a mom of boys can fully appreciate your anticipation of this event and his ability to circumvent all your plots to instill a bit of decoration and creativity in his room! That's why we throw up our arms and give up and then need to claim our little corner of our world that is all ours and little boys have restricted access! I feel your pain!

Mike and Erin said...

Oh my goodness! What a resourceful little booger?! I'm sure those skills will come in very handy later in life. At least he didn't eat them (which is what mine would have done)!!

Retriever said...

I'm impressed by his fine motor skills! But it must be exasperating for you after going to those lengths to put something so cool on the dresser for him! I would be upset (tho I would laugh a little too!) Is he particularly interested in screws and screwdrivers, or is it just general little boy wrecking crew??? My kid used to just mash and bash things to get at things inside (a bear with a honey hive)....

Jolyn said...

He has always been insanely curious about how things work, which translates to him taking everything apart. Even things you didn't know COULD be taken apart, you will turn around and find them in pieces. We are praying that this will someday (soon) develop into his being able to put things together! Since his dad's side of the family is insanely mechanically inclined, there's reason to hope.

Vomit?? Oh, I laughed. Though I doubt it was too funny at the time.

Hannah Reasoner said...

Sneaky! Guess he didn't fully appreciate the new room decor.

Olson Family said...

I wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time.

Sometimes - don't you wonder what could possibly possess them.

Like when my 10yr old decided that wire and an electical outlet would make a good experiment. Thank GOD for breakers - I gave her heck for that one. She'll never try it again. :)

I'm sure the knobs looked really cute when they were all on.

Rachael said...

By the way, my kids have put stuff down there and if you have a powerful shop vac, you might be able to get them back. Just stick the hose down there and it might pick them up. Depending on how heavy they are.... Good luck.

Mike said...

My 6-year old would love that knob.

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