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Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Baby, It's Cold Outside..."

It was cold outside today (go ahead, you know you want to sing it) -- but the leaves have spoken and were overdue for some raking. So we bundled up and raked up, the Ohio way, this time. And with some help from our Ohio neighbors. It seems like one day you look up and there's a collage of ambers, golds, browns and reds in all their glorious beauty. Then the next day you realize how many branches are bare and, oh looky there, now the leaves are all over our yard.

Last year we had just moved here and had no clue how things were done. We even paid a couple of able-bodied boys to bag up our leaves. Our neighbors must have wondered what the heck we were doing. Unfortunately, Ohio-ans are too nice to just come out and tell you you're an idiot. Because here? You just rake them onto a tarp (or any old blanket will do)... ...and drag them to the curb, where they sit until the town's mulcher machine comes by. Or until they get blown into the neighbor's yard, whichever comes first.

We have three substantial trees in our back yard, but the one had already started shedding its leaves over two months ago. It was acting sickly all summer, ever since those torrential rains last Spring that everyone kept telling us weren't typical for Ohio. We are hoping that the tree is just sick with a fungus, or something that a good, cold winter will cure. Because we will be major bummed if it's really dying. Not only would that be a big pain in the patootie to deal with, but it's also the tree that provides shade on our back porch in the summer.

Photos By Conner

Since winter coats aren't as conducive to romping in the leaves, I'm going to throw in a few photos that Conner took in early September, because I am nothing if not on top of this whole blogging thing. Plus, I thought he had a great perspective.

Big brother definitely brings out a different side to these little guys than when they pose for me. It's like getting a glimpse into their world when I'm not around.

Speaking of worlds, isn't that beautiful evening sunlight he caught through the trees?

More Photos from Today

The erstwhile photographer...Always ready to pose...As for this handsome devil, I have only one thing to say. Or only one question, rather...
Snipp, Snapp, or Snurr??
And this last one's for you, Becky. I thought you might like to see how handsome your 38-year-old son is. (And I'm going to milk that for as long as I can.) (Which is, like, another four months.)


Kash said...

Oh, I am missing out on Fall! So sad. Looks like so much fun and so beautiful.

Jerilyn said...

Conner you pictures are great! It's good to see a recent picture of YOU.
Jolyn I like the new blog decor.
I can see you had a beautiful fall. So did we. The colors in the fields lasted forever, so the yellow of the maize, with its green leaves, and the rust of the milo, with the multi-colored grasses in the pastures and the road sides was spectacular.

Carmen said...

What an ingenious idea about raking the leaves! I think I'll try it! Although I have been trying to convince myself that God intended for us to leave the leaves alone to act as insultaion...I'll let you know what thought wins out.

I love Snip, Snap, and Snurr...and Flicka, Ricka and Dicka!

What cute kids!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jolyn. However, all the pictures were great and the children are so beautiful (or handsome)! I enjoyed seeing the picture of my handsome son. Conner, Olivia, and Sean-Peter were fortunate to have such good-looking parents.

the dragonfly said...

Connor took GREAT photos!! I'm impressed. :)

I love autumn. It always seems to pass way too quickly, though. It's officially autumn still, of course, but it feels like the edge of winter here in Germany. Blech.

Tam said...

Thanks for the comment on my FUNK intervention! LOL WE have been COLD in the was 41 this morning and we HAD FROST this week. MY KIDS thought it was SNOW...that is way tooo funny. LOL

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for stopping by my blog. looks like this was a fun day! and love the photo of your cat on the sidebar...