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Saturday, October 18, 2008

None of you were right! (I think)

My oh my, such anticipation for the price of a chair! I wish I could say I’ve been leaving you all on the edge of your seats (heh-heh) on purpose. Alas, I am simply finding it very difficult to sit down (oh har-har!)at this computer for a myriad of reasons. Some of which are noble and involve reams of wallpaper border needing stripped and miles of trim needing painted glossy white. Oh, and the doors. Mustn’t forget those wonderful 70s-original hollow-core doors, their deceptive beigy-ness all the more glaring against their freshly painted borders. Must. Fix. That. (Preferably before it’s time to put this house up for sale.)

And I have been reading, again, finally. I discovered the novels in the travel section at the library and have been going through them. One. By. One. A few goodies so far: Rita Golden Gelman’s Female Nomad, David Elliot Cohen's One Year Off, and Eric Weiner’s The Geography of Bliss. And did I mention I DVR’d all the back episodes of House? Oh, woe me, another obsession. Must watch. Them. All.

Another reason I find myself going days without even checking my google reader is because I have a teenager constantly vying for time on the computer to get his fix on things like Navy Field and Tribal Wars and fascinating you-boobs you-tubes like the one below. Go ahead, watch it. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. Because stealing a glimpse into what 13-year-olds consider entertainment is a bit, er, disturbing mind-boggling numbing. It reminds me of the first time we discovered Teletubbies, stuck in a motel outside St. Louis while attempting a cross-country move with a three-year-old (yes, the same son) during a blizzard (not advised). John and I realized that we had both stared at the Tv screen, numb and mute, mesmerized by what can only be described as cartoon crack. Seriously, is something embedded in the video stream that attacks your semi-consciousness? Hmmm...that might explain the video below.

But wait, I’ve almost forgotten the chair. That beautiful hardwood chair that YES was a bargain at (drum roll please) ... $20! I found myself getting a little confused with the Starbucks analogy that I foolishly introduced (since I don’t actually buy coffee at Starbucks that often) but the gist I got was that I need to find out where you all go shopping! Seriously – where do you find chairs like that for less than $10? Please take me with you! I’ll even let you blindfold me so your secret will be safe.

But first watch the video. Apparently this Fred character is all the rage, at least if you’re an American middle schooler. So don’t blame me; I’m just trying to keep up with my son’s influences. Some of which are points to argue for moving back overseas, if you ask me.


the dragonfly said...

Okay. That Fred kid...I could only take about 20 seconds of him. Seriously.

I've been absent from the internet...well, I've been posting off and on but not reading much. But I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. We'll see...

Anonymous said...

OK, so I watched the video. I am of the opinion its mother had an affair with Alvin the chipmunk. I also would like to know is that a boy or a really homely girl?

Jerilyn said...

Hey, I said 2-3 Starbucks - that's $8-12 - not so far off.
Fortunately I know no boys who act like Fred (in my presence). You would be right to assume that the IQ quotient on you-tube is below average.

mindi said...

Oh that is really kind of hilarious. Wow, what I get to look forward to when my kids get a bit older!!!

JP said...

Hmm. Six second snippets in a oddly familiar high-pitched voice. One word for ya - HELIUM. A very old gag. I wonder if this kid knows it's dangerous to do over a long period of time.

Mrs. Staff Sergeant said...

That's all the rage? Really? Gosh I've become old and uncool.

And teletubbies...*shudder* I so hated the teletubbies. Thank goodness my boys outgrew that little obsession quickly!

I just cant relate to kids viewing preferences I guess! haha