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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Piano Recital

Conner completed his piano lessons with the great teacher he's had while we've been in Italy. Liz has not only been Conner's piano teacher for the last two years but has also become a good friend of mine here in Italy... She is taking her boys home to Canada for several weeks now that the school year is almost at an end and while her husband is still deployed.

As you can see, Conner had a little help while he performed his pieces! Liz does a great job of organizing these events throughout the year, complete with guest performances by local musicians! and this recital culminated the year with her students, none of whom will return next year. (All of us are moving!) And the fact that she pulled it off this year with her husband deployed and three young boys of her own speaks to her devotion and dedication to these children. Conner learned so much during his time with Liz, but he is now ready to be done with piano and to move on to something else. He's expressed interest in trying the guitar, so that'll probably be the next musical direction we head into after settling in Ohio. I am so thankful for his solid foundation that he now has in music -- thanks to Liz's passion for passing on her passion and appreciation for music to the next generation. Thank you, Liz!

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