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Friday, April 13, 2007

little helper

Conner had fun taking some pictures yesterday evening while John and I were mowing the lawn with our Little Helper. This little guy kept going as long as we did (we did not finish; our yard is huge), it's just too bad his wasn't a real mower! It wouldn't be possible for John and me to mow at the same time if Sean-Peter didn't have his toy mower right alongside us.
This is a guy that doesn't hesitate to
sit on the vacuum while I'm trying to use it. (Maybe I should get a miniature
one of those, too, huh?) He was making a beeline of glee straight toward me completely undeterred by the whirring engine and shooting grass before I thought to dig out his own version.
He must have mowed with us for a good hour.
(What are the chances he'll keep this up so willingly into his teenage years...?)

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