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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Who Are You and What Have You Done With My Dad?

Actually, it was nothing like that. John got back from Afghanistan (via DC) a week ago and the kids welcomed him home, Haji beard and all, with no reservations.
It was getting dark by the time we got home from the airport; I was scrambling with John's camera to ready it for some pictures when it became clear that Conner, at least, wasn't going to wait for us to get inside. (Hence, the finger shadow.)

Olivia didn't hesitate, either, and even Sean-Peter was readily giving high-fives.

Earlier that morning I had reminded Olivia that daddy was coming home and asked her what she was going to do when she saw him. She immediately answered, "Sing him a song!" True to her word, she serenaded him with her rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" (microphone and all), showing her first little sign of shyness.
There have been some adjustments since John got home, of course. One notable moment with Sean-Peter was on the couch when Sean-Peter pointedly insisted that John sit on the opposite end. But that was hours ago, and now John is happily allowed to sit right by his side. But a week later, the novelty of dad being home still isn't lost on him: whenever John walks in the door -- from taking out the trash, say -- Sean-Peter gets so excited and jabbers on excitedly in that unique language of his, like he's telling everyone around who will listen, "Daddy's home! You see that? He's back again!" Wow! And it's like he just left!

Luckily he won't have to do that again for awhile. But we'll keep you posted.

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